I think that telling a story that you have inside and no one knows but you and your spirit guide is good medicine. The few I have, I like to relate to you, especially young ones, ( that comes from a school bus driver ( at 72 ) ha ha ) so they won’t be lost.
Vision Quest preparation took me about three months, fasting, praying and so on. When my teacher thought I was ready I was sent up on the “mountain”. I didn’t matter if it was cold and snowing, it was time.
I guess I was lucky for I was visited my first night by two spirits. Maybe they felt sorry for me being up there in the snow? Nawwww
I’m going to describe these two “people” and that is the medicine part of this story for I hope you have or will meet them.
One was a Clown who got right up in my face. He seemed very big and dressed in a clown suit and a painted clown face.
The other was the ( pardon the expression ) a “Monkey” face Woman who did the same. That’s the only way I know how to describe her. I got the impression that she was very ancient! Her clothes looked Native American.
They didn't say anything, just hovered in and out of my dreams. I feel I was blessed with this visitation even though at the time I thought everyone who went up on the mountian saw them.
They have been with me for many years and I hope to meet them again?
So my question is, has anyone else met these “guides”?

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