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Fancy Shawl Dance

Elaborately beaded capes, moccasins and leggings are complemented by beautifully embroidered or decorated long fringed shawls. The colorful outfits match the spirited twirling and prancing of th… View »

Inter-tribal Dance

Inter-tribal Dance - Many inter-tribal songs exist today, as tribes come together to share their culture and songs at pow-wows. View »

Buffalo Dance

This dance may be preceded by a Snake Dance. Dancers move like a restless herd of buffalo, then begin to "stampede" as the drum beats get stronger like pounding hooves. View »

Buckskin Dance

Ladies’ Buckskin dancing is slow, and poised. Circling the drum, they bob to the beat of the drum, letting the long fringe on their sleeves sway in time. They carry a beaded purse, swinging it as wel… View »

Side-Step Dance

This is a very fast dance where the ladies jingle-dress dancers use a variety of side-ways scooting steps around the arena to a special song. The steps are not the same type of side-ways movement as… View »

Jingle Dress Dance

Tradition states that the small metal cones, or the "Jingles" attached to the dress represent several different things. The sounds of the jingles ward off bad spirits and welcome good spirit into the… View »

Ruffle or Fancy Dance

This is a danced by the men’s fancy dancers, which "ruffle" their double-bustles during the fast drum-rolling sections of the song, and then dance very fast during the fast sections. This dance origi… View »

Sneak-Up Dance

A war dance, where the men dancers crouch low to the ground as if searching for tracks, then rising to dance as if in pursuit or following the trail made by their prey.  (This dance is my person… View »

War Dance

A dignified "victory" dance, social in nature today, once danced only by the warriors and best dancers, but today is danced by all. View »

Round Dance

Most tribes have a version of a "round dance", sometimes called a "soldier dance" or "friendship dance". This dance circles the drum in a side-step movement. Faster-moving lines are nearer the drum.… View »


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