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The Beginning
Once upon a time there was a loving mother, who provided her adorable children with nutritious food, clean drinking water and safe housing. Animals and Plants lived in harmony and respected each other. After a few years there was another member added to the family, Mother called him Human. This is a short story about Mother Earth and her Children.
Animals and plants noticed that Human grew greedy and felt better than them, and they were right. The turtle started crawling to Mother to tell about the actions of Humans. It took the Turtle hundreds of years to reach Mother because it got lost in the island of garbage in the sea. Turtle told Mother that Humans were cutting down trees, to use them for housing, paper, fire and furniture. Humans also killed animals for food, forced them to do heavy work and stored them in cages for entertainment, such as zoos, sea worlds, and circuses. The Turtle asked the Mother for answers why Humans were acting like this instead living in harmony with the others. Mother did not know.
Humans started attacking Mother Earth to steal her inner organs such as oil, steel and copper used for electronics and transportation. Diamonds and gold were dug out from rivers and earth because of their beauty and value. And gas was taken from the depths within to manufacture plastics, nylon and other products. Many birds flew to Mother and told her that many brothers and sisters were being poisoned by the air. The fog was killing birds because they cannot see where they are flying and they fly into dangerous areas.

Humans did not understand the importance of protecting Mother Earth, Animals and Plants. They were not aware of the damage caused by their actions. Mother grew sick with fever that made the North and South poles to melt that increased the water level. The Penguin swam to Mother and asked why the poles were melting, which is where the penguin, polar bears and many seals live. The Poles are melting and destroying our homes and humans are taking our food. Dolphins also came to Mother explaining that the animals who live in the seas are disappearing, the water is dirty and full of garbage. Dolphins are disappearing because humans put them in cages and force them to jump through hoops and do tricks. Wales and dolphins are being killed for their fins and their meat. Mother grew angry and killed her children with earthquakes, thunderstorms, hurricanes and acid rain. Mother lost control of her actions, killing the Animals and Plants as well as Humans.

Waking up

Humans became aware of their actions, however greed and their hunger for power did not stop. The majority suffered from the wrath of droughts, hunger and floods, while the minority was having a party bathing in the riches and wealth of Mother Earth. The party caused more pollution of the water, air and earth. Monkey swinging the trees, told Mother that Humans used Animals to make money, like hunting animals for their fur, Tigers, Lions and Polar bears were scared. Elephants and Rhinos were afraid because their tusks were being cut off and sold for much money. An Orangutang in the jungle told her that everyday humans cut down many, many trees to builds their own homes. Many animals who lived in the jungle like the Orangutang, Jaguars and Parrots had suddenly nowhere to live.

Then suddenly there was a change in the wind, a new generation called cool smart kids was born. Boys and girls such as yourselves who wanted Mother Earth to breath fresh air into her lungs, feel the clean water in her veins, and the strong trees as her bones. The boys and girls were young and few against many. However that did not stop them. The boys and girls started to clean up the rivers, planting more trees and started to use natural energy sources such as wind, sun and water for electricity.


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