Just a few things to think about...Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about Social Networking.
What does social networking mean to you?...How many sites are you on?...How has being on social sites changed your life?...Are they really a waste of time or do you get some enjoyment from the time spent online?...

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I agree with the facebook comment. I don't do the apps and games over ther just because of the virus and personal information problems there. I do not agree with their privacy policies there and will not give them information to use or sell without my consent.
Years ago I found my first ning site and it was called 1club and was based on radio stations and music. I loved it there and made many new friends but I learned very quickly to keep my circle of friends small so we could do comments almost daily. Like all good things they got too big and decided to move to another platform. Once they moved they took away the ability to do your own backgrounds and I was constantly followed by one of the owners and my comments were being deleted. They did a youtube thing and made it hard to leave comments for your friends and locked everything down so everything had to be approved first before it was posted. I personally don't like having to wait 2 days for a blog or video to be approved before it posts so I left. My next ning site was Lorriels Redworks Creations. The same lady that does the beautiful comment images. The site was just starting to grow...many new friendships were made and then ning started charging for the smaller sites. Lorriel closed her site so a month later Warrior Nation was born. I have taken what I consider the good and bad from the sites I have been on and tried to put them into place here. I may not agree with everyone's beliefs here but I'm not going to follow you around deleting what you say. Videos and blogs will always be posted as you put them on...even if I don't agree. We have deleted disruptive members here and will continue to do so. This isn't a facebook crowd here and I think most who join a site like this are here to make friends and to learn a few things along the way.

Here in Italy the most used social facebook is followed by YouTube, are used by people of all ages to chat, download music, movies on DVD and socialize. Here we use is made of it daily, now also replace phone calls, text messages, and privacy is maintained because in the time of registration you can choose the degree of privacy that you want to have fun ... we are very, then there's the postal police that well on the Internet abuses vigilant web ....

im on alot of sites and i do like being on them.


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