Pine Leaf was one of the best warriors of the Crow tribe, and she also became a Chief. Born in the Gros Ventres nation around 1806, Pine Leaf was captured by the Crow people at 10 years old, so she grew up within the Crow tribe. Pine Leaf didn’t despair – since then she was raised by a Crow warrior and learned all the necessary skills of a great warrior.

Pine Leaf was an excellent horse rider, marksman, and she was an expert at field-dressing a buffalo. The moment she became recognized as a great warrior was after she defended her people during a raid by the Blackfoot. Pine Leaf earned her place on the council of chiefs as both a warrior and a hunter.

The First G. I. Janes
There are so many women hidden in history who fought in wars in one way or another. Women often worked in the Army in informal ways, but in this case, two Native American women were enlisted in the US army as scouts!

Nal-Kai and Muchacha (who real identity is not known) were discovered in 1886 military records by researcher Col. David C’de Baca. Not a lot is known about these women, except that they were enlisted in the army as Army Scouts by the 20th Regiment, U. S. Infantry, at Fort Wingate.

This is amazing because there’s proof women were officially a part of the army way back in 1886, and to make things better, these are Native Americans!

All these women emanate strength and passion. I hope the stories of these women brought a smile on your face and in some way inspired you to leave your footprint in history!

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