Did you know you could use your flatbed scanner to photograph objects? It’s a fascinating technique which I’ve just began to explore. Even the cheapest scanners have pretty good resolution and can give great and stunning results.

Place flowers or any object on the scanner and cover with black or colored paper or fabric. Close the lid and press copy. You can also try leaving the scanner lid up and copying for a much lighter print. Experiment a little...it's fun!

Is this an actual form of photography? Well...Photography can be described as a process to capture and display an image, then I would say yes, using a scanner to take photographs is a form of photography.

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Objects are covered with a black cloth and the scanner lid is down.

Scanner lid is left open without any covering on the flower...

The lid was left open with colored wrapping paper covering the flowers.
Winter and rainy day fun!
Wow, I never would have thought of that.....great idea and will be trying it out soon.
Thank you for the tip.
It's great for the grandkids. They can go on a hunt for objects to put on the scanner and then you can copy to a file in your pictures and they can view their "creations" on the monitor...LOL, smooth objects that won't scratch the glass!
Very cool Connie one day I'll give this a try looks fun
Peace to you my frieind
I'll be doing some more soon when the rain sets in here and I don't want to go out to do photography. I've been doing some reading and this is an accepted form of photography now for most photography contests.


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