An article I read recently was complaining about the
Internet now I have decided to make people aware of the many good sides of technology or if you prefer: the Internet.

How Technology Has Helped The Medical Field:

CT Scans give not only a 3 D image but a 360 degree one as well. This has saved an unimaginable number of lives, because a lump or mass was found immediately. It used to be if someone needed a liver or kidney, they usually died waiting for it. Today that organ is found in a matter of minutes thanks to the site

How Technology has helped Law Enforcement:

At one time all the police had were photographs to help them solve a crime scene. Today they have 3D Crime Scene Imaging. They not only use fingerprints to identify someone, they use DNA and retina scans also. They also use scanners to instantly identify people who are criminals. At times they use social media sites to ask the public to help them locate criminals. In return they receive facebook posts and some criminals are prosecuted because of videos they posted on DNA databases are improving all of the time.

How The Internet Helps Us:

If you are looking for a place to live the Internet is a great place to look. You will not only find a house or an apartment, you can see what it looks like and what schools and businesses are near it with the aide of www.googleearth. Students can now go on their school's website to register for their classes online.
We can order nearly anything online, pay for it then wait for our delivery.

Bad things can and will happen with anything. For instance: People die or are severely injured in cars, trains and planes and ships. The answer is not to stay away from any form of transportation, but to educate yourself and others because knowledge is power.

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