When I was between 6 & 12
my hero's were Cecil & Beanie,
Rin Tin Tin Roy & Dale
and Nellie Bell the Jeep.

From 12 to early teens it was
Babe Ruth & Sandy Koufax,
the Cop on his beat,Eisenhower
Audie Murphy & Chuck Yeager

Then came the sixties
and the end of innocence
I lost more than my virginity
more than country,
more than trust.

I lost myself.

Where now the hero's
some like myself set off metal detecters
with just our bodies,
we do it for fun..smiling at the confusion
it causes- our personel "metal of honor"

Where now the hero's
Not our National Leaders
not the "Robo-Cop" we see on street corners
MP5 at port arms
not even our peers who went with the flow

Still I have my hero's
over 59,000 on a Wall in DC
or over 60,000 if you count those Vietnam
is still killing here at home.
And all those ragged ,smelly,gray bearded
homeless Vets on street corners.

Yeah " Bless-um all Bless-um All The Long
And The Short And The Tall.....

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on January 23, 2018 at 6:43am

thank you for your service and your heroes are also mine, every wall has untold stories and every homeless Veteran needs our help and understanding

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