It might come as a shock to some that indigenous people, who were often called 'natives', 'savages', and 'heathens' by empire builders, know MORE about the afterlife, MORE about spirit contact, MORE about mediumship than orthodox religionists.

Many gifted mediums had native Americans guides. Maurice Barbanell, the great English medium said, "North American Native Indians were great MASTERS OF PSYCHIC LAWS, with a most profound knowledge of supernormal forces and how they operated. This qualifies them, after their passing, to act as tutors and guides to their mediums. They were more advanced than any other race." Estelle Roberts worked with Red Cloud; Maurice Barbanell worked with Silver Birch; Kathleen Barkel worked with White Hawk; Gladys Leonard worked with North Star and John Sloan worked with White Feather, to name just a few.

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Comment by Chris Durbin on July 7, 2017 at 5:13am

" ... If you examine the records of the past, you will find that the more you go back to primitive times, the more natural was the exercise of psychic faculties. But, like all other faculties, they have atrophied through long disuse and the number of those today who can register the vibrations of the spirit is very, very small. You, all of you, are living in prisons. You have five tiny windows to your prison, and these five apertures are your physical senses. You are unaware of the millions of happenings around you unless they can be seen, smelt, touched, tasted or felt. But because you do not see the busy, teeming, active world around you, that does not mean to say it has no existence. It means only one thing, that you are unable to register its vibrations..." p.117 The Seed of Truth- Silver Birch.

Comment by Chris Durbin on March 17, 2017 at 6:41am

Expound on this subject! WOW! Where to start? How about 100 years ago ( it seems like ) studying Black Elk, Rolling Thunder, Sitting Bull and others started me on this path of learning about my heritage. Sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quests, Chanupa, medicine wheels and so on. Three days living with Grey Antelope was a humbling experience. The recent years of study have led me to past life regression and life between life session last year. Very interesting!
For the past few years I have been studying everything i can find about Monsignor Robert hugh Benson.Hugh Benson
One of the books in the above link, which I think is very important is called
Also, the original post comes from my "Friday After Life Report"Friday Report
There is an amazing amount of information here.
Going from a "good Catholic" to a "Spiritualist", experiencing first hand the"Spirit" thing in a Physic church, physic friends, physic wife has left no doubt about the after life. As a matter of fact I look forward to the next great adventure!
Hope you find something worth reading here?

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