There was a time when I could
only spit once..wait.. build up
and spit again.
Over time I was improved
so as faster..faster
spitting came..the world knew my name.

In war I flourished..peacetime too
my spitting now a stream
controled by men and women
maybe you?
I have no conscience no remorse
I am but wood and steel.

Controled by man
Condemned by man
Worshipped also
I spit on rich and poor
infant and adult
of every species

Man figured me out
built me
and loved me
yes..made me
what I am today.

And only man can take away
the pain and suffering
I have caused.
For there is a place still for me
In a museum of glass and stone

But to place me there
he'd have to stop
the winds of war
and search for peace
and man alone it's said
Will only find it when he's dead

Michael A Johnson

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Comment by Michael Johnson on February 28, 2018 at 12:30am

Comment on
You decide
is such a weapon
really necessary
outside of the military
which it was designed for
so as to keep our country safe
give it back
and keep our country safe!

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