The Murdering of Sacred Flowed Meadow, The White Mountain
(Panther Meadow, Mount Shasta, California)

My first visit to Mount Shasta was February 1978. The New Age movement was a whisper. By 1987, it was a hot spot. The New Age Rainbow People were having a gathering at Panather Meadow, hereafter Sacred Flower Meadow, (Wintu) for the Harmonic Convergence. Over 5,000 people showed up, including me. My first Rainbow Gathering.

They were a strange people. Always trying to prove their spiritual superiority over me, so I left. Sacred Flower Meadow is a tiny meadow, maybe the size of a football field, so there was no room. The next morning I met the Archangel Gabriel. That was my first and last Rainbow Gathering. The Rainbow People have claimed Sacred Flower Meadow as a rainbow gathering spot and they keep on coming. This upsets the tribes.

I refer to this as a cult because the alleged ascended masters are rewriting history and claiming to be the new authority regarding divine matters on the planet and like the Christians of long ago only they can aide one in their Ascension or Salvation. They claim to be able to remove blockages, can activate your Christ DNA codes (?) and charge handsomely for their services. They are making millions on the Great Ascension of Humanity. In essence, they are profiteering.

I refer to them as a cult because if One does not channel, One is not enlightened. One must think as they do, a singular line of thought in a universe where the Creator is "All Things To All People". One such individual, Elizabeth, said to me after I had attended her seminar, "Why would they send you to me."

Elizabeth knew I met the Archangel Gabriel and still she judged me as less than her. She/they claim the Right to copyright to their channeled messages they receive from the ascended beings though they are not the authors of what they publish. It's fraud. No different than internet companies claiming they own your personal copyrights because they uploaded it.

In contrast, when I discussed this matter with a psychic she replied; "You are the oldest soul on the planet. 355,000 incarnations. There is nothing I can tell you that you do not already know. I am not allowed to advise you." None who claim to be an Ascended Master has ever said that.

In 1996 I was invited to the Taos Pueblo Peoples' Summer Solstice Ceremonies. I started thinking about how nice it would be to be on Mount Shasta because in Mount Shasta the locals claim that the mountain is sacred and that only there could one meet the ascended masters.

Suddenly the Earthly Mother cries out; "The Mountain Has No Power. It's All Me! You Are the Power. You can create that energy anywhere you are." The Earthly Mother is outraged by the deceptive New Age Shastafarian mystical cult-like belief that, "The Mountain Wants You Here." Why? Because the Shastafarians are murdering the meadow to make themselves millionaires.

In response the Earthly Mother says, "The mountain has no power." For She is the mountain. She is the power. She gives you "Free Will" to come and go as you please; to believe as you please, including the thought that channeling is forbidden. I do and She has put a veil around me, hence channellers are blocked. Any true Ascended Master would have known that. (Oops!)

If these people are the Ascended Masters they claim to be; Then why are they so greedy? I overheard one man saying to his wife on his cell phone, "I will get them to open their hearts and then they will open up their pocketbooks. Trust me honey. I will come home with thousands."

He was talking about a weekend event. To attend one of their seminars can cost me over one third of my monthly income and I would not be able to pay rent. How does that please the Creators? Their response; "It's because our work is so important." Locals term it, "Entitlement".

It's the Shastafarians who want you here to sell their New Age propaganda. The purpose of life in the third dimensional world is to learn to love, even thy enemies as the Creators love you, us, Humanity. Many obstacles will be placed before us, The lessons are to Master Our Emotions. By claiming to be able to remove such obstacles or blockages are they not interfering with the Creator's will? How is One going to learn to Master the Emotion of Love?

What gives them the right to claim they can clear, activate, align, awaken, fine tune, balance, accelerate, expand or heal when the Messiah claims this can only be accomplished through One's belief that One is One with the Creator and through the Creator, All Things Are Possible. Then One is free from all blockages. Become One with the Creator by walking in Peace.

Please do not surrender your spiritual power to this type of deceptive New Age Spiritual healers because the Presence of the Creator is within. Seek peace in every encounter for this earthly life is but a blink of an eye in Our Eternal Relationship with the Creator. Don't get attached to this limited view on life for I have seen your spiritual futures and "Ye have never left the Kingdom".

We Honor the Messiah every time we seek Peace during such difficulties. Every time we seek Peace, He Blesses us. Every time He Blesses us, we enter a State of Grace. In this State, The Christ Presence is Activated, Aligned, Awakened, Fine Tuned, Balanced, Accelerated, Expanded and Healed without the need for an Ascended Master fees or services. Seek Peace and you will find enlightenment, for in Peace you are One with the Creator. No Love Donations necessary.

According to the tribes, when the Creator created the earth, He put one foot on the mountain to oversee His Creation and that footprint is known as Sacred Flower Meadow. Around 2004 I saw a helicopter land at Sacred Flower Meadow. Later we learned and that someone had left a relatives cremated remains in the springs headwaters. The New Age Ascended Masters are killing Sacred Flower Meadow to make themselves millionaires and spiritual idols.

It's this New Age Spiritual movement that is suffocating the economy, the community and according to the USFS and the local tribes are murdering Sacred Flower Meadow. Around 2015 the Wintu petitioned for and received a federal court order to start closing the meadow and it was enforced by the USFS on July 4th of that year. Please honor the meadow by not camping there. Day use only. The Magic is the Earthly Mother who is One with the Messiah.

"The Earthly Mother and I are One. I have my roots in Her and She takes Her Delight in Me." Jesus. (Gospel of Peace) That is why the Earthly Mother cried out to me; "The Mountain Has No Power." (She is dying)

Thomas M. Goldenheart aka Boangerges

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