The Mark of the Beast is WWW, not 666. (Final Edit)

I was inspired in 5th grade to become an environmentalist by one of Jack London's books when it talked about the cutting down of Majestic Giant Sequoias for profit and then using their bases as square dance floors. I was so moved by that horror that I wrote my first poem called, Wawona about my childhood love affair with those giant redwoods.

“The Earth is being eaten by machines, .. not my problem. God is dead or so they said; I read it in an interview, .. if that is true then I say to you just what the hell are we supposed to do? “

This above stated verse from my last high school play I designed lights for in 1972, a rock musical play called “Celebration.” and why I left Orange County, the Republican Party Ideologies and became an environmentalist. That path led me into meeting Ansel Adams who inspired me into becoming a nature photographer, then into Yosemite where I hugged those majestic sequoias in Wawona, befriended cougars, the indigenous tribal people and heard the angels sing. Then I met The Beast and was driven out.

“You can leave it all behind, sail to Lihana, just like the missionaries did so many years ago. They even brought a sign, said Jesus is coming. Brought the White Man's burden down, Brought the White Man's reign;
who will provide the grand design of what is your and what is mine.
We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds,
In the name of destiny, in the name of god.

Some rich men came and raped the land nobody caught them;
put up a bunch of empty boxes and Jesus people bought them.
Somebody laid the mountains low, while the town got high.

They call it paradise, I don't know why;
You Call some place paradise, Kiss it good bye.” (Eagles)

After that, I decided to be around like-minded people and journeyed to the Southwest to meet the tribes. There I heard a Lakota man tells us of their prophecy that the White Man was a spider who is spinning a web and that will suffocate all life on the planet. To prove his point he said, we now have the world wide web. He was proud of his people and their gifts. Sadly, He was only scratching the surface for the World Wide Web is the mark of the beast.

In prophecy it was written as was 666, but what we have today is WWW. The 666 were only symbols, it's the 3 symbols in a row that's important. Everyone knows that spiders spins webs around its prey. Likewise so does the WWW around your spirit and all it treasures. How do I know this is true? The Creator gave me this vision.

The Microsoft Vision

It was ground zero of a war torn battlefield, the remains of a bomb out metropolitan city. I could see the skeletons of tall skyscrapers, hollowed out buildings, piles of rumble everywhere. There I was, lying on the battlefield in the center of a bomb crater, a wounded, exhausted angel with tattered wings from fighting the Beast.

I looked up and they were still coming towards me, seven, sixty foot tall Microsoft Messenger people icon avatars, rumbling like tanks, crushing and pulverizing everything in its path. I gathered my composure, picked up my sword and charged the seven giant MSN avatars. Then the Creator spoke, “That's what We love about you, you never quit.”

I know of whom the Creator is most upset with. He wants the world to address it. To understand why the semi-conductor industry is part the beast, is quite simple. The waste from the industry globally pollutes large bodies the water, (Golden Gate Bay), which will create acid rain.

Think of the satellites needed to provide the ever growing demand for global coverage, i-net speeds, streaming movies and data storage needed to provide this service are putting a drag on the earth's rotation causing it to slow down and elongate its orbit,

Thereby upsetting the planet's natural rotational order of things; ie; that unbalance creates more stress on the tectonic plates causing them to push upward or collapse due centrifugal force due to drilling, fracking or mining, etc., which have weakened the earth's crust and causing 10.+ earthquakes where the energy generated from such force would roll across the land like tidal waves upon the ocean. Armageddon is man's handiwork, not the Creator's.

Think about the relentless spying on your every keystroke for profiling or profiteering, that info is sold and can be used to profile you in a positive or negative light, without your knowledge and they can make an arrest or billions of dollars without asking permission, investigating the truth or sharing the smallest token of gratitude with you.

Profiling is an injustice, a defamation of character, an obstruction of justice, a hate crime, a lifetime of torture, a raping and murder of your heart and mind and a war against public. In essence, once a person is profiled, they are dead for the authorities never stop the profiling. I was profiled in a negative light so the authorities refused to investigate my wife and daughter's abduction, crimes against me or my family or the threats against my life.

Every device comes with an auto-correct feature that can take one's words or sentences and auto-corrects them into what it feels should be written, sometimes taking things grossly out of context without permission or verification, hence not even 100% credible. NOW Think of the microwaves those satellites emit to power cell towers and all devices.

How many more satellites will they want? How many more webs are they creating? Do you hear the constant ringing in your head? How much more damage will that cause?

To understand this vision, let us consider who will be alive on earth 100 years from now? The Earthly Mother is being murdered by man plundering Her resources for gross profit, though the Creator forbids it. Ye was told not to worship the “Golden Calf”.

The Creator was not talking about a golden idol, but about man's relentless pursuit of personal wealth ie; lust for gold.

Look at all the wars caused by that lust; the war on people (slavery), the war on terrorism, the war on the disabled or improvised, the water wars, the seed wars, the media wars, the environment wars, the energy wars, the diamond wars, the religion wars and the wars against those who oppose this single use, disposable society where everything and every one is for sale or an expendable asset. When and how does it end?

The Bible tells us “the meek will inherit the earth”; Therefore now is the hour for the meek to act. Not by a violent revolution, but through loving kindness, to create enlightenment in their hearts and minds. The authorities have supported the will of the giant, global corporations and have turned their backs on those they swore an oath to protect and serve.

Because of that singular, misguided mistake, all life faces extermination. Everything the Creator has Blessed Humanity with will be destroyed if no remedial action is taken immediately. (as I write this sentence, a strong gust of wind blows open the closed back door.)

What is the point of being the wealthiest person on the planet if there are no resources left to enjoy life? Do they really believe their children will love them for this?

The Bible teaches us, that when it comes to communing with the Creator all One has to do is call His name and He will be there. As you can see, that Lakota Vision was 100% accurate. Clearly, the Lakota have a Holy Communion with the Creator evidencing One does not need to read the Bible to know or to commune with the Creator or do His Will.

Moses broke the Original Ten Commandment stones and the Laws were changed. The world grew up in darkness. In accordance to what was originally Written but broken by man, anyone who does not comply with the Laws will face generations of hardships, in this matter over 3,000 years of turmoil. However, before the world was throw into darkness, the tribes had learned the Laws of Moses and they still embrace them today.

Millions of tribal people have sacrificed their lives to save the Earthly Mother from destruction and that battle has hit its climax for it is now a battle between good and evil, the destroyers of the land at war with the guardians of the land, ie; man at war with the Creator, hence Armageddon.

The Bible is written with ink on paper and bounded in a book and edited, evidencing this is man's handiwork. What gives man the Right to Edit or omit the Messiah words? The Words of the Creator are written everywhere, in everything on earth and in the heavens for all to see and know without a spoken word. Do you Feel the Depths of the Creator's Love?

In the Messiah's Gospel of Peace, Jesus the Messiah said, “The Earthly Mother and I are One. I have My roots in Her and She takes Her Delight in Me”. The Tribes Love the Earthly Mother. Clearly, Relentless greed is the Beast because it is devouring the Earthly Mother who is ONE with The Messiah. Please make Peace with One another.

Be It So and So Be It!

Forever your brother, Boangerges aka Thomas Goldenheart

From the Book of Moses – The Ten Commandments

“Behold, at the beginning of time was a covenant between God and man, and the holy flame of the Creator did enter unto him. And he was made the Son of God, and it was given unto him to guard his inheritance of the first-born, and to make fruitful the land of his father and keep it holy. And he who casteth out the Creator from him doth spit on his birthright and no more grievous sin does exist in the Eyes of God.”

“Honor thy Earthly Mother, that thy days be long upon the land and Honor thy Heavenly Father, that Eternal Life be thine in the heavens, for the earth and the heavens are given unto thee by the Law, which is thy God.”

“Thou shalt not make unto thee false laws, for I AM the Law, and the whole Law of all laws. If thou forsake Me, thou shall be visited by disasters for generation upon generation.”

The Messiah's Sevenfold Gospel of Peace

“Thou shall follow the Law of the Brotherhood which saith that none shall have wealth, and none shall be poor, and all shall work together in the garden of the Brotherhood. Yet each shall follow his own path, and each shall commune with his own heart. For in the Infinite Garden there are many diverse flowers: who shall say that one is best because its color is purple, or that one is favored because its stalk in long and slender?

Though the brothers be of different complexion, yet do they all toil in the vineyard of the Earthly Mother, and they all do lift their voices together in praise of the Heavenly Father. And together they break the holy bread, and in silence share the Holy Meal of Thanksgiving.

There shall be no Peace among peoples til there be one Garden of the Brotherhood over the earth. For how can there be Peace when each man pursueth his own gain And doth sell his soul into slavery?

Thou, Child of Light, do ye gather with thy brothers and then go ye forth to teach the ways of the Law to those who would hear. He who hath found peace with the Brotherhood of Man hath made himself the co-worker of God. Know this Peace with thy mind, desire this Peace with thy heart, fulfill this Peace with thy body.”

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