Saskatchewan two days out from Fond Du Lac

August 197?
Walking all day.. timber and muskeg.mostly came on a lake at
early evening stays light long this far north.
Caught a 3 pound trout for dinner after which built a small lean-to
type shelter a hundred or so yards from the lake and settled down
for the night.
Finally dark enough to really call night around midnight with no moon
but with no artificial light source the stars and especially the Milky Way
can actually cause me to cast a shadow when walking in a open area.

This is a magical that the wind sings it's own soft sound
through the trees..critters rustling through the grass.on the way to the lake,
I don't ever camp rite at a water source as doing so prevents it's use by others
that need it.
lying back now I wonder at the sky and all the stars..and the fact that i'm still
alive when so many people and things have tried to kill me not long ago,
sober thoughts as the booze is gone since a day out from Fond Du Lac Village
being "politely" asked to leave as a bad influence on the local Metis people.

Still at times like now dry and alone I feel a peace not found among men
nor do I feel it while drunk or while getting that way..but when it's available
I drink it maybe so as to feel nothing..strange since you'd think that peace
would be the state of mind i'd struggle least since Wyoming the
Vietnam Terrors are mostly I just feel guilty..for being alive?
strange times..strange thoughts..only at night..only alone only dry.

The howl seemed to come from the lake and I wonder if it's the same Wolf
heard yesterday never really close but never far away I have a
companion in my travels ? it's said that they follow men for days sometimes
curiosity maybe or scrounging for leftovers well good with him around maybe
Moose will be scarce..I get real nervous around Moose their unpredictable
at best and being in Canada I carry no firearm just a old kabar brought home
from Nam, a camp ax fishing gear 20lbs of Pemmican purchased at Fond Du Lac
coffee sugar salt and one pint of liquor (long since gone)

found some people camped on the other side of the lake who said they were
going up to Hudsons Bay Manitoba to Churchill and they agreed I could go along.
To be Cont.

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