List of glaciers in Glacier National Park (U.S.)

I am posting this as it's important in my view
This one of the few places in America where the result of global Warming is pronounced
and there for all to's still a beautiful park but for those who saw it like I did forty+ years ago they will notice the change.
This was where a bear (don't know the type) while camping at night took off with my sleeping bag
(with me in it) fortunately no harm done-but that was a good down bag. FYI you can still have the same experience today if you eat in bed..or use bag as napkin..LOL

Chaney Glacier, 2004
There are at least 35 named glaciers in Glacier National Park (U.S.). In 1850, the area now comprising the national park had 150 glaciers. There are 25 active glaciers remaining in the park today. Since the ice ages stopped 10,000 years ago, there have been many slight climate shifts causing periods of glacier growth or melt-back. The glaciers are currently being studied to see the effect of global warming[1] It is estimated that if current warming trends continue, there will be no glaciers left in the park by 2030.

Agassiz Glacier – 48°55′58″N 114°09′34″W;[3] 7,858 feet (2,395 m)
Ahern Glacier – 48°50′32″N 113°47′01″W;[4] 8,169 feet (2,490 m)

Baby Glacier – 48°54′19″N 114°09′14″W;[5] 6,804 feet (2,074 m)
Blackfoot Glacier – 48°35′40″N 113°40′12″W;[6] 7,513 feet (2,290 m)
Boulder Glacier – 48°57′27″N 114°05′14″W;[7] 7,762 feet (2,366 m)
Carter Glaciers – 48°53′09″N 114°02′29″W;[8] 7,605 feet (2,318 m)
Chaney Glacier – 48°51′06″N 113°49′48″W;[9] 7,408 feet (2,258 m)
Dixon Glacier – 48°55′43″N 114°00′55″W;[10] 7,480 feet (2,280 m)
Gem Glacier – 48°44′48″N 113°43′40″W;[11] 8,179 feet (2,493 m)
Grinnell Glacier – 48°45′06″N 113°43′39″W;[12] 6,686 feet (2,038 m)
Harris Glacier – 48°56′57″N 114°13′45″W;[13] 6,476 feet (1,974 m)
Harrison Glacier – 48°35′34″N 113°43′49″W;[14] 8,484 feet (2,586 m)
Herbst Glacier – 48°59′11″N 114°03′05″W;[15] 7,287 feet (2,221 m)
Hudson Glacier – 48°57′54″N 114°02′40″W;[16] 7,031 feet (2,143 m)
Ipasha Glacier – 48°50′30″N 113°48′53″W;[17] 7,736 feet (2,358 m)
Jackson Glacier – 48°35′55″N 113°42′04″W;[18] 7,310 feet (2,230 m)
Kintla Glacier – 48°55′44″N 114°11′55″W;[19] 7,785 feet (2,373 m)
Logan Glacier – 48°36′07″N 113°38′00″W;[20] 7,188 feet (2,191 m)
Lupfer Glacier – 48°28′38″N 113°30′44″W;[21] 6,217 feet (1,895 m)
Miche Wabun Glacier – 48°56′51″N 113°50′03″W;[22] 6,995 feet (2,132 m)
North Swiftcurrent Glacier – 48°47′20″N 113°46′08″W;[23] 7,169 feet (2,185 m)
Old Sun Glacier – 48°52′21″N 113°46′38″W;[24] 8,566 feet (2,611 m)
Piegan Glacier – 48°42′29″N 113°41′02″W;[25] 8,205 feet (2,501 m)
Pumpelly Glacier – 48°35′00″N 113°39′33″W;[26] 8,445 feet (2,574 m)
Pumpkin Glacier – 48°35′03″N 113°39′27″W;[27] 8,232 feet (2,509 m)
Rainbow Glacier – 48°52′45″N 114°05′13″W;[28] 8,222 feet (2,506 m)
Red Eagle Glacier – 48°35′34″N 113°37′08″W;[29] 7,044 feet (2,147 m)
Salamander Glacier – 48°45′29″N 113°44′18″W;[30] 7,231 feet (2,204 m)
Sexton Glacier – 48°42′06″N 113°38′06″W;[31] 7,303 feet (2,226 m)
Shepard Glacier – 48°51′51″N 113°51′34″W;[32] 7,595 feet (2,315 m)
Siyeh Glacier – 48°43′52″N 113°39′17″W;[33] 7,073 feet (2,156 m)
Sperry Glacier – 48°37′23″N 113°45′44″W;[34] 8,022 feet (2,445 m)
Swiftcurrent Glacier – 48°46′04″N 113°44′41″W;[35] 7,411 feet (2,259 m)
Thunderbird Glacier – 48°56′03″N 114°02′23″W;[36] 7,516 feet (2,291 m)
Two Ocean Glacier – 48°49′57″N 114°00′41″W;[37] 8,015 feet (2,443 m)
Vulture Glacier – 48°49′36″N 114°01′20″W;[38] 8,172 feet (2,491 m)
Weasel Collar Glacier – 48°53′40″N 114°03′52″W;[39] 7,185 feet (2,190 m)
Whitecrow Glacier – 48°55′19″N 113°50′08″W;[40] 6,952 feet (2,119 m)

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