Land of Misery
On the eastern shore, she knocked on our door
Then drifted away to the west
She then turned north, and steadily forth
With rage upon her crest

As she gathered force, On a steady course
To a land below the sea
Too Unaware, or unprepared
For such a tragedy

Toppling of homes, the shredding of domes
of a wind that relentlessly blows
All the terrain, was flooded with rain
When the lake did overflow

And then she passed, and none to fast
This city beneath the sea
Leaving this flood, which carries our blood
Through a land of misery.

Hurricane Katrina

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Comment by Water on September 13, 2017 at 4:39pm

Ya know you can claim boats ,cars etc. If you register your find and if within a month or so
if the owner is not interested in acquiring there property here in America due to fileing a clam
with the insurance company or any other reason.

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