Irma and Florida
By Franklin Price
9/10/2017 - 10:07 AM

We're watching several channels
To determine what's for real
Reporters on the outside,
In the wind and rain's ideal

The place now is Miami
Presentation there's the best
Storm surge rising in the streets
Wind and rain are reaching crest

Palm trees show the blowing winds
Waves rock and roll the boats
Around low lying castle homes
Are quickly rising moats

Thousands have lost their power
Many trees are blowing down
The outer bands of Irma
Have come to South Beach town
11:19 AM
Irma won down in the Keys
Has hurricane flags unfurled
The newsmen are reporting
That she's off to Disney World
News flash, Irma's heading for
The greater Tampa Bay
Will keep her eye just off the coast
doing damage all the way

Forgot to pick up cigars
In Cuba 'fore the cay
May pick up some in Ebor
When tomorrow is today

It's reported in Miami
The wind's a hundred miles an hour
Two bikers riding on the street
Pushed by the blowing power

The reporter spies them as they ride
Says how stupid they must be
It astounds me why they're riding
Should be inside, not like me.

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Comment by Water on September 11, 2017 at 12:12pm

Nature is some thing else
No word from all the Keys
Forget the n coast of Cuba, unbelievable suffering
or for that matter the Virgin no more, islands
I am grateful but sad

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