How to make your kids eyes look like "Little Orphan Annies"

To be read as a night time children's story Heh Heh Heh...

Written by me
and I really like kids..most of the time and quiet.

When you sleep the dark..there's nothing there with there ? the rain you hear at the window's just rain...isn't it.... the eyes glowing in the hall are just your cat's eyes...aren't they?..The Black Widow your mom said she killed by your bed...she really did kill it ...didn't there's nothing in the covers with you spider claws make noise? would you hear one if it was would...wouldn't you... do the walls seem closer now..the ceiling lower...the scratching louder...nearer...something is on your bed..something dark..creeping closer leaps..claws dig in to your hear pounding something heavy coming closer...the lights come on..your dad is there..shaking with fright at what he sees...just below your throat...
to be continued....

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