Greetings Dear Ones. Wishing everyone a great day and a beautiful tomorrow. As we see our world torn apart by war, greed and selfishness, people warn us of impending prophetic Armageddon Scenarios. Remember, all is NOT lost as long as ye have faith.

My favorite Bible verses talk about being a good Samaritan, being thy brother's keeper, being imitators of the Creator and to Love Humanity as the Creator does; "like the sun upon the grass for it does not favor one blade of grass from another."(Gospel of Peace) Love is the answer.

How can one be greedy, judgmental or confrontational when they truly love their brethren? How can we ever build Peace on Earth without a Brotherhood of Man? It is Our responsibility to create Heaven on Earth, not the Creators.

We can start by letting go of all materialistic beliefs, even religious beliefs. In my Country, the USA, there is a 500 year old argument between Christians and Tribal Peoples. Just because someone does not know of or have read the Bible does not make them a heathen. The tribes are a very generous, wise and peaceful people.

The last people the Messiah visited was the Hopi Tribe. He gave them the "Blue Corn" and He warned them that a strange people that would be coming. Soon thereafter several tribes disappeared, (Anasazi) and the world knows what happened next.

The problem is the Messiah has walked with them both and He has no favorites, HE LOVES EVERYONE. Please join me in world prayer, the Pope needs to meet with the Hopi tribal elders and completed the work the Messiah began with the Hopi for the Hopi are "THE LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL" and they still live by the original laws as stated in the “Visions of Enoch”, the first documented communion between God and man.

It is time for the Union of Man and together as ONE, both the Hopi who represent all tribes globally and the Catholics for the Pope who is the Godhead figure for Christianity, make the Messiah's Peace between them and together start a global Campaign for the Messiah Peace of Creating Heaven on Earth and the Messiah's Brotherhood of Man.

Be It So and So be It. This is the Will of the Creator

Thomas M. Goldenheart, aka LeRose

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