Conversations With Jeshua

The book “ Your Souls Gift “ is a follow up on Robert Schwartz
book “ Your Souls Plan “. Here is a snipit of one of the many
conversations with Jeshua:

What else would you like to say to those experiencing poverty or
financial dificulity?
“ Do not despair, “ Jeshua advised. “ Even if the situation seems
bleak and hopeless, know that there is always a possibility for change.
There is always hope. Find two things in your life that you are thankful
for. It can be material things you own, the presence of a loved one,
or the body you dwell in. Feel grateful for those things and you will
place yourself in a flow of receiving, a flow of abundance. By looking
at what you have, you are replacing a sense of lack with a sense of
abundnce, and your energy will change.
“ Changing your energy, your feelings, is the most important thing
you can do. The situation you are in requires surrender first, acceptance
of what is right now. When you are in a state of acceptance, you can feel
emotions of grief and sadness rise to the surface. Let them be.
Embrace them. Then, when you have recognized these emotions,
there will be a stillness in your heart, a sense of peace in the midst of
trouble. You have connected to your soul. From this connection
miracles are born.

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