I just had to post this. Been reading on it all morning. Here is the link

Theresa Jansen did a great job.

“When we came upon the squaws and children, they raised a scream and cry loud enough to affect the stoutest man upon earth. If they had shown themselves, they would have come off much better, but fear prevented them; and in their retreat, trying to hide from us, many of them were killed; but contrary to the wish of every man, as neither officer nor private intended to have spilt the blood of those squaws and children.” - Major John A Wakefield

“All the aged pioneers with whom I have conversed speak of this so called Battle of Bad Axe as a cruel butchery of women and children.” Dr. C.V. Porter
“A little Indian boy concealed in the driftwood jumped from his hiding place and ran for his life. Dickson ordered [Abadiah] Rittenhouse to shoot the child.
“The brave soldier raised his gun, but lowered it, saying, ‘Captain, I can’t shoot a child’!
“Dickson thereupon cursed him and said, ‘nits breed lice’, and again ordered him to kill the boy.
“He again raised his gun, but dropped it and said, ‘I tell you Captain I can’t shoot that child’.
“Just then a big Dutchman [“Big tooth” John House] came up and Dickson ordered him to shoot the poor boy. He did so and sent a bullet through his heart.
“Presently another jumped from the driftwood and the Dutchman took aim and blew the top of his head off.” - Dr. C. V. Porter


There was no escape, even for those that managed to survive the harrowing crossing of the Mississippi River. Two days after the massacre, a party of about one hundred Sioux Warriors, led by Wabasha, plus a few Menominees, was given permission to pursue the fugitives who made their way across into the swamps and thickets west of the river. Within two days they returned, bringing in 22 Sauk prisoners and bearing the scalps of sixty-eight more, mostly women and children. Very few escapees ever returned to their homeland.

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