I promised not to talk about politics, but I can no longer do that. Thanks to recent executive orders signed by the president (not mine however) and laws passed by the gop various laws and rules will be abandoned. To begin with it will no longer be illegal to dump sludge from coal mines into rivers anymore. Animals have been removed from the endangered species list, cruelty to farm animals will resume and that will not only mean pain and torture for animals but cases of Ebola will return. And the new president is determined to have the Dakota pipeline which will destroy burial grounds and endanger drinking water built. A wise person once said, "The earth is not yours, it has been loaned to you by your children." The white house wants us to believe that the press is our enemy but that is the first step in order to control the public. Man is continuing to destroy entire species of animals and if we aren't careful, the next species will be ourselves. If you care about the earth, animals and people, you will be looking forward to a sad future.

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