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What's Your Weather

Started by Val. Last reply by Jorgelito Hagens Feb 22. 588 Replies

Just a place to share your daily or weekly weather reports! What is the weather like in your area today and how does it affect you?…Continue

Christmas 2017

Started by Ms. Down-to-Earth. Last reply by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) Dec 31, 2017. 44 Replies

Christmas has come to the Cabin! Everyone is welcomed here; de-stress by taking some time to enjoy the posts, pics, and vids.…Continue

Say something nice about the person above you

Started by Ms. Down-to-Earth. Last reply by Ms. Down-to-Earth Dec 11, 2017. 22 Replies

This game compliments all members who play. You write a word or two about the person who posted before you.Since I'm the first person here, I don't have anyone to comment on. But the next person would say something about me (hopefully, it shouldn't…Continue

Rhyme Time Fun Time

Started by Val. Last reply by Chief Walks Nov 29, 2017. 73 Replies

The idea of this game is to post a wordthat rhymes with the wordthe poster before you had posted.Can be one, two or even three syllables too. Some can be a challenge but there is a free online rhyme dictionary (for hints of words) if cannot think of…Continue

One-word Scrabble

Started by Ms. Down-to-Earth. Last reply by bridget orman Nov 28, 2017. 537 Replies

This word game can be challenging and lots of fun. I'll list a word and people change it, one letter at a time. So for instance, Slap turns into Slam which turns into...Occasionly, I'll change the word, just to keep this game fresh.Continue

Christmas 2016

Started by Ms. Down-to-Earth. Last reply by bridget orman Nov 28, 2017. 76 Replies

Everyone is welcomed in the Cabin for the holidays! De-stress after shopping…Continue

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Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on February 23, 2018 at 6:58pm

John Spirit Wolf and Loretta....I enjoyed your conversation and it made me think of way back when...when I was in high school and my buddy had a 49 Chevy that we and our other two friends used to go anywhere in. When we went to the mountains for snow back in those days, the wheels on the Chevy were solid steel except for four small slits in the wheel/rim. Here, we had 'chains' that were actually two pieces of chain attached to leather straps that we would put one each through the wheel slit like a leather belt but with the chain section toward the outside of the wheel, then tighten the belt just like a clothing belt with the buckle and that was a 'set' of chains. is amazing when I look back on it that anyone in those days got through snow areas but you know...we managed and had fun in the process.
Thank you both for the memories....young people today in so many ways just simply have no idea of how easy us old gas bags made it for them compared to what was then. Can you imagine a kid today on a telephone with a rotary dial and a party line, no texting or snapchat, no facebook.......LOL...
Enjoy your weekend all....

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on February 23, 2018 at 5:52pm

John Spirit Wolf- We are fine i just fret over the people who are having to travel and do not know how to drive on ice or in snow.. Spent a lot of time in Minn. and Wisc. and know how to drive in it, but so many on the west coast don't so i stay out of their way whenever possible or take the less traveled back roads..

Comment by John Spirit Wolf on February 23, 2018 at 5:36pm

Hope that everything goes well for you Loretta, I was just up in the mess in Northern Illinois last Saturday, it was a mess up there. An old friend broke her ankle and got stranded up there. I drove from Oklahoma up there to rescue her and take her back down to Louisiana. where she is from. I left out on last Friday afternoon and made it to Sullivan, MO. Woke up Saturday morning with around an Inch or more of Snow & Ice on my pickup. Drove through heavy snow all the way up to Freeport, IL, about 20 miles west of Rockford, IL. But my days of driving trucks served me well, made it up and back down in good shape. Got her & all of her gear back down to Louisiana.

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on February 23, 2018 at 5:27pm

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on February 23, 2018 at 5:25pm

Well they issued another weather alert and am sitting listening to our first responders trying to get people out of their car, tree came down on their car taking power lines with it. FD saw is to small to handle the tree, so traffic is backed up while waiting for power comp. and a crew with a bigger saw...So i sit and pray that all of you and everyone else stays safe if you have to travel anywhere... The people are talking but they do have a ambulance just incase...

Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on February 23, 2018 at 2:35pm

Wishing everyone a good weekend and hope each of you feels the warmth of love, a good hug and a great smile and that you give that to others. Been below zero the last three mornings here...snowing even now but still it is a beautiful time of year.
Enjoy the gift of yourself...see your own beauty and share your gifts in a good way with others please....
Sidanelai....we are all family

Comment by Jorgelito Hagens on February 22, 2018 at 1:11pm

I like your comment that hummingbirds carry your prayers to the one who makes things happen!

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on February 22, 2018 at 11:08am

It's such a beautiful day, blue skies, trees standing high above me with snow on the branches, tracks left behind as my deer crossed my yard headed for the river...just a simple sign all is well with them.i am so blessed to have so much in my life, all the birds and wildlife, trees that grew from 6 inches to 25 plus feet tall amd friends that are truly Family.. Peace be with you all and may you know how blessed you are and Smile that beautiful Smile that lights up our world..

Comment by WILLA NYOKA (ADMIN) on February 21, 2018 at 9:53pm

Showing some love photo 4kx5awx.jpg

Comment by Jorgelito Hagens on February 21, 2018 at 9:32pm

We just got a weather alert that it was going to be VERY cold in Southern Ca tomorrow.


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