While riding on regional transit bus recently here in Sacramento I overheard a conversation about how disturbing the songs and music that young people listen to today was and how it was the cause of all the illegal activity, drugs and general disrespect shown to their elders.
I also noticed that the two ladies and one gentleman complaining appeared to be my age 70+ - and listening without comment I wondered if I too was of the same opinion?
Born in 1944 I grew up with a wide variance of music from the big band era of Tommy Dorsey to the solo artists of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
I also had a older brother by ten years so the Ink Spots and Flamingo's were also played along with Patti Page.
My time came in around 1959 and into the sixties and seventies and sometimes I wonder how I survived long enough to make it to Vietnam with all the songs about dyin' and suicide like Ebony Eyes , Patches, Tell Laura I love Her , Teen Angel,Laura etc. Then came the protest stuff which Peter Paul And Mary, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were in charge of and the Druggies like Dr.Hook and The Doors with CC&R not to mention (God Forbid) Woodstock "Adults" were saying how it was destroying the young people of the time. while condoning the war in Vietnam..until the telegram came to THEIR door.
I always thought myself llberal in my acceptance of music ...until rap and it's like came along with racist (my opinion) lyrics came along with praising rape, murder, mayhem etc. And I said "they have gone to far" in other words I became my parents fifty years later.And while I don't think Rap Music and I will ever become friends I will survive it I wonder though..what will the current generation find musically unacceptable ? LOL

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The same could be said of video games, race, sexuality, etc. Most people tend to believe what they're lend to associate, I forget the exact technical term, I saw a good video about it last night on YouTube.
As for your last question, who knows what'll be unacceptable in X years time, it depends on what expense political correctness covers (another video touched on this subject.)

What were the videos ?

Here's the first one:
The other video was by Game Grumps but I'm not going to share it - they use inappropriate language - but if you pm me, I'll send it to you.

I was reading Val's story about learning Mandarin and it reminded me of the 80's when my wife Judy and I use to go downtown Louisville and listen to a group we know. The Metropolitan Blues Alstars. Nick Stump the guitar player was a fellow intelligence type person who specialized in Mandarin. Caroline Dahl came from California and joined the group. She is amazing along with Rodney Hatfield ( related to the Hatfield and McCoy's) who is a very good artist. I was surprised to find this tube of them still together. Hope U like them?

Wow! Now this is my kind of music!

Got to see a little of Rodney in this one!



I also came from Sacramento but somehow I didn't notice the music except for some. Tennessee Ernie Ford 16 Tons in the 1950's I do remember because everyone on the school bus played it on their radio for a year, Tahoe to Truckee everyday. The sexual social politico revolution skipped right over me 50's 60's 70's. So the music of the times is all fresh to me now. And I found out the blues weren't so blue after all! Listening to Elvis and the Beatles was like unplugging an obstruction to my hearing that I didn't know existed. There were others.


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