It has been over a hour now, Sitting outside the howling began. So loud a crying of distress working its way up the tree line to the top of the hill. There is distress, pain and fear in the call of this creature of God. I can tell by the loudness of the cry whether it is on my side or on the far side..

I wonder who else is awake and hearing what I hear, is anyone looking for it, is it suffering or, mourning I do not know..if only it was light enough for me to feel confident enough to head up to the tree line and search.. Jnstead I ask the Almighty to protect and comfort and if it can be lead it to my door..

Please have a wonderful week as I remember not only our fellowman has many trials, but everything living faces trials..

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Yes I have gone to sleep listening to the wolves..Never the silence of the Yukon but we have beautiful silent hours in Astoria and I have witnessed other colors glowing high above me..I also know the sounds of dying in order to allow another life to survive.. I only wish that had been what I was listening to for such a long time


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