Old Edith

Old Edith (Inspired by Edie Sedwick) by Brittany Ellsworth
That's Old Edith's skeleton
Drooping in the coffee shop
Devoid of all human connectivity
Whose presence is frequently interrupted
By smoke breaks
And "He'll show ups"

She put it in her will
As her final resting place
Before the lung cancer took hold
Of her ever-longing hand
Instead of the perfect man

It seemed worth it
To become and art exhibit
Rather than that leopard coat being auctioned off
Like the hats and the earrings,
Friends and lovers
And the man who never showed up.

And she was quite a hit,
That boney, old Edith
Raking in business
From behind a frayed rope
From literaries, photographers
Young hipsters and artists,
Looking for a glimpse
Of the morbidity of high society

They'd rave and they'd praise
That she'd won at her game
Being the skinniest model in history
Before they were leaving
And eventually stopped coming

So the shop man moved on
When he couldn't cash in
Leaving Edith still slouching
Still composed of that pose
Drinking air from a prop
As they moved her to the warehouse
From that old coffee shop

Now, there sits Old Edith
Collecting dust
Like her aging drag-queen lookalikes
The lonely old janitor spots her
Thinking New York's still sinking
And in a fit of romantic senility,
Takes her boney hand so gently
Leading them to disappear into a dream sequence
That was once the 1960's

jim christ
Flower Power

The Sixties were the fun filled days,
With FJ cars the local rage,
And many drive-in movies missed,
As windows fogged, and lovers kissed.

Years slid by to the seventies,
We all had specialities,
With love and peace and Flower power,
And tribal drumming by the hour.

I had my children in this age,
A wondrous time on nature’s stage,
As hippy maidens twirled in dance,
With nature’s herb to help their trance.

I’m turning seventy this year,
But faith can take away the fear,
I’d love to go back to that time,
Relive those moments so sublime.

But age is just a state of mind,
With many stories intertwined,
So any age I choose to be,
I’ll make sure that I’m true to me.

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