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Saw something like this at Disneyland in the 50s same concept only larger but had the same "hermetically sealed construction fiberglass I believe huge microwave and a T V that raised and lowered into stand ..or wall? etc House Of The Future they called it..never saw any of them built.
This futuro looks like a prop from "Lost In Space" LOL.

I believe there are 98 of these saucer homes around the world.
The one on Pensacola beach has been there forever ,When theres a hurricance the journalist stay there.
Folks call from all over to see if its still standing during the impact.


I 've been watching the approaching storms in Fl.
I'm in NW Fl.Lots of lost tourist and snow birds in town
Every time Irma wobbles to the west it gets worse,Panic
Unreal ,were still two days away from the eye touching somewhere in Florida
I pray it goes in the Gulf ,I shouldn't complain the poor folks down in the islands are getting a dejavu.
All areas in South Florida are very populated not to mention the anacondas, gaiters,othe non- indigenous species and mosquitoes, carrying disease are free to travel north .
I've been telling folks
we will never get another hurricane here in Pensacola,Fl.
I hope I don't have a big X on my home.ha ha
The barometric pressure is falling again ,It may fly by Florida
Its 924 ,the record is 880

Well one's coming but by the time you feel it in Pensacola it'll almost be a tropical storm by then they say. The news reported that the curator at the Hemingway House on Key West is staying put along with 10 employees to take care of the Museum and Cats as it sits 16 ft above sea level.
Key West six feet above sea level
Possible ten foot surge + wave action and 155 mph wind from cat. 5 storm?
That man and his workers have a bigger pair than I have.
Hope the Cats (I used to play with them when in town) fare well

I am Florida


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